Return and Refund Policy

 Thanks for shopping at Dial A Flower.

 If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.



 Our policy is that we do not accept return of products once they have been delivered. This is because our products are perishable in nature.

 However, if your order has not been dispatched yet you could qualify to get a refund. Please see our refunds policy below.


 We only offer refunds for orders that are cancelled at least 2 days (48hours) before their scheduled delivery date.

 For same day delivery orders, we only offer refunds for orders that are cancelled within 1 hour after being placed.


How to obtain a refund

 To obtain a refund / (Cancel your order) please send an email to [email protected] clearly specifying your order number and with “CANCEL MY ORDER” in the subject.

 In the email body please specify if you would like to either:


Cancel your order and receive a refund. (You will receive refunds LESS merchant processing fees and refund will be sent via the original method of payment)


 Cancel your order and keep your money as store credit for future order(s). For this option you will have to create an account with our store if you do not already have one so that we can credit your account with respective store credit.


If your refund is approved, we will communicate via email within 48hours from receipt of the email.

The time duration to receive the refund credit is dependent on your card issuer's policies. However, we shall notify you by email as soon as we have initiated the request for refund with our payment merchants.


Contact Us

 If you have any questions on how to Cancel Your Order and obtain a refund, contact us.