About Dial A Flower

Dial A Flower Ltd was established in 2007 as a service to enable those too busy to visit the flower / gift shop be able to send gifts to their loved ones, family and colleagues by just picking up the phone and placing their orders. The First of its kind in Uganda then!


The Dial A Flower web store, www.dialaflower.co.ug, is again leading the florist industry in innovation and bringing solutions that make purchasing and delivery of flowers / gifts to any location in Kampala easy and convenient for anyone, ANYWHERE in the world. Another first in Uganda!

Dial a Flower has now gone 100% e-commerce transforming its service into an online Flower & Gift store where our customers can now browse first for the perfect combination of flowers and gifts for their loved ones, choose message cards to accompany their delivery, specify the address to which the delivery should be made, and above all pay for their orders all from the convenience of wherever in the world they may be as long as they can access our website.

Customers to our web store have the option of paying for their deliveries using either MOBILE MONEY or their VISA / MASTERCARD  bankcards.

Dial A Flower has over the years evolved and now has an Events department that deals in All aspects of events management, Event photography, Events Decoration, Event Catering / hire of catering equipment, Music / Disco, Supply of Drinks, Waiters,

Thank you for visiting our web store and I guarantee we shall exceed your expectation in our service delivery.

We request you to join the Dial A Flower family in our quest to “ADD BEAUTY TO LIFE”

Timothy Kyambadde
Managing Director